Sisters Are Doing It (And Eating It)

Friday, August 27, 2010

On the last night of being an officially single penguin (well, unmarried penguin is more accurate – it’s been a while since there was singledom in these parts!), there are few things better than some relaxed time with good friends. Well, hopefully there’s also some chicken soup, but that’d really just be an added bonus.

Back when I first discovered the Fox and the Polar Bear, I found this picture, and it instantly reminded me of an almost-also-married sporty friend. In the days of our misspent youth, we’d end up coming back from whatever we’d been to, giggling madly and eating Coco Pops at some utterly unholy hour before keeling over until a more civilised time of the late morning.

Picture: the Fox and the Polar Bear on Flickr

So it seemed an appropriate picture for today, together with a big thank you and general woo hoo for girlfriends. Not that the blokes should be overlooked, just that sometimes, only Coco Pops and mirth after midnight will doo... tee hee hee hee...

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