Calling A Spade A... Book?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It could be clear by now that I have a bit of a fixation with Kate Spade. I love the bright colours, the clean, unfussy lines and the perfect balance of slightly-silly-but-not-utterly-mad about many of her designs.

And that was before I came across these:

Picture: Kate Spade (and so are the others below) via Sandra's Closet

These might be the best clutch bags I've seen in ages. Classic, a little unusual, and unlike anything I've seen before*. And they have the blurb on the back, too. Just brilliant!

And they even have a version of one of my favourite books, too...

I bet they don't have them in the Surry Hills library, though. Harrumph!

* Notwithstanding the debate about whether others have seen, and done, them before though...

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