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Thursday, August 26, 2010

For a few months now, this little corner of the blogosphere has been a little repository of penguin-like thoughts, almost always slightly nutty ones, and very frequently food-related ones as well. It’s been a place of distraction from Things That Are Supposed To Be Done – a bit like the online version of a window seat. It’s especially been a procrastination device in relation to – whisper it quietly, so nobody hears – wedding planning.

Picture: Jonas Peterson via Once Wed

Yep, the Blue Penguin and the Other Penguin are (some might say finally) making it official. Which, I figure, justifies a small detour from usual food-ness-and-mad-ness over the next couple of days*.

Much like Santa Claus, there has been a great deal of making lists, checking them twice, and (perhaps a bit less like Santa Claus) skittering about like a thing possessed. On my part, at least – the Other Penguin is far too dignified and organised to skitter. But now, all the lists are made, checked and panicked about in triplicate, and all that is left is to do a few last minute preparations to make sure we can properly misbehave celebrate...

Picture: The Fox and the Polar Bear on Flickr

* Possibly of a scheduled variety, in order to avoid a splat! that Mrs Polar Bear would be mightily proud of!

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