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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I love this bag...

Bag: John Lewis via Design Sponge*

I also love the references to a jolt of colour, after all the pops. Pops of colour make me come over all Denny Crane and want to grab a paintball gun (surely, pops should make me come over all Jerry Espensen, but in this case, the ire of an over-popped penguin knows no bounds, and only Denny will do...).

Hmm, it comes in purple as well. Purple popping penguins...**

Bag: Objects of Design

Unthinkable thought – are Popular Penguins becoming another cupcake? Or another Keep Calm? I really do hope not, but it does raise an interesting question of where that demarcation of popular and overdone kicks in. Perhaps it varies depending on the individual thing – the line for moustaches on sticks*** is definitely closer than for cupcakes. Or for penguins (whether popular, classic, Emperor or otherwise).

It’s probably a sign that I’m far too concerned with what other people might be thinking, but I sometimes feel like I should be carrying or wearing some sort of explanation. It’s not that I desperately want to be thought of as some sort of uber-tastic trendsetter, but when the things that you’ve quietly liked (and been regarded with amusement over) for years suddenly go viral (or postal, perhaps?), it’s a little like the taste version of being gazumped.

Picture: Oversoul on Etsy... couldn’t resist, after writing the title for this post. And it’s just how I am in the kitchen – no chefly asbestos hands around here, unfortunately!

Maybe it should be drop it when it's hot? But I'm not sure I'm ready to abandon things I like just because Other People discovered them.
* The bag has the covers of "Sweet Danger" on one side, and "Dangerous Curves" on the other side... this seems rather apt, as indulgence in sweetness can be the cause of those curves. Although whether they're dangerous to the indulger themselves, or to others, is perhaps a matter for the beholder...
** That really sounds a bit too much like something a fifth-rate superhero might say.
*** Moustaches on sticks seem to be everywhere. At least, if you read any wedding blogs they are. The first time, if they meant something to a couple, then they might have been an interesting and individual thing to do (although I still am not sure why you would). But they are all over the place – eep!

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