The Olden Days

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The first time I caught myself hankering after something that just didn’t seem to exist anymore (window seats, children standing up for adults on buses, proper cupcakes, trousers for people who go in at the middle... so many things that I’m just not sure which the first one might have been), I realised that I was officially Old. With a capital O.

I came across this mobile idea factory on Etsy recently, and it got me to thinking... (isn’t that the point?!)

Picture: Pearson Maron on Etsy

“Hey kids, when we were your age, you couldn’t just buy ideas down at the shops, you had to grow them yourself.”

“No way mum! Like, from scratch?”

Then again, they could come in pretty handy. Can you take one into an open-book exam, for instance? Or sit one beside you on the couch when all ideas for blogging seem to have quietly escaped in the night?

Whether they’re a statement on having your own ideas, or having them made for you, I like that they stir the imagination a bit. After all, if they can do that and look good as well, that’s pretty much what art is for...

This one just had to be shared as well...

Picture: Pearson Maron on Etsy

There are certainly days when it feels like some extra clouds have been produced (although they tend to be in my head, rather than my apartment). Or the Winnie-the-Pooh kind, where you have your own little personal cloud. Hopefully without bees in it...

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