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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Australia is currently in the throes of what just might be the least interesting federal election campaign ever. There's a choice between (practically, really only) two options, both of whom seem to lack anything resembling a policy (even if you close your eyes, squint at it sideways, and consider giving it the benefit of the doubt). Except when it relates to something where a practical approach involving - surely not! - common sense would seem to make sense (let's see now... climate change? Gay marriage?), and then they are united in their ability to bury their over-coiffed heads in the sand, stick their fingers in their ears and shout la-la-la-la. 'Nuff said yet?

Picture: via QB Nets

The only part of the campaign that's offered the slightest bit of amusement (other than the joys afforded by Twitter, whether by witty intent or overly serious happy accident), has involved an assertion of... strategic mispronunciation. Accusations were made that Julia Gillard was referring to her opposition without leaving a space between his title and his surname, resulting in calling him... Mr Rabbit*. Her surprised denial (pretty plausible, given her general diction) only made it all the funnier. And now, any reference to him, by almost anybody, sounds positively lapine.

But Mr Rabbit isn't just a politician**. Oh, no. He's far more than that. He has an Etsy shop, for instance, selling sweet little notions and odds and ends. Can't you just imagine him taking his hand and cheese sandwich to Parliament in one of these bags?

Bag: Mr Rabbit, Sir on Etsy

And he's in his own book, too...

Book: from Amazon

What I really want to know is what the lovely present is... the mind boggles!

* Instead of Mr Abbott, in case anybody happens to read this who isn't in Australia and suffering from over-exposure to all parties. Especially the aforementioned Tony Abbott, with his unfortunate tastes in swimwear.
** Doesn't being called a politician require, by definition, policies?

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