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Sunday, August 1, 2010

There’s a trend at the moment for putting food into jars. That mightn’t seem like such a surprising thought – except that it’s food like cupcakes. And puddings. And other desserts.

Picture: Beantown Baker

I’m not sure whether it’s to show the layers of things better (this would be good with a trifle, perhaps – although almost anything is good with a trifle...), or for portability, or both. Either way, it seems to translate to some foods better than others – call me old-fashioned, but I don’t know that squashed-looking cupcakes are a bandwagon I want to climb onto, portable or not*. Because they may look beautiful to begin with... but then you have to put the lid on...

Picture: Andy Sprite on Etsy

Picture: My Cakies

Picture: Joy The Baker

Picture: Not Martha

Picture: Make Grow Gather

This one makes a bit more sense (but maybe that's because it's not more photogenic without the jar)...

Picture: The Kitchn

Although the idea does start to sound a bit more appealing as a way of sending the latest baking down to the trifle-eating cat's parents. It's a bit too tin-fresh cocoa to take off, though, I reckon. What do you think - is this just a brief blip in the food blog world, or could it catch on?

* On reflection, all bandwagons would probably be considered portable. But that wasn’t quite what I meant!

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