Slaving Away Over A French Stove

Sunday, August 29, 2010

For anybody who watches Iron Chef*, you’d be familiar with the description of Iron Chef Sakai as “the Delacroix of French cuisine”.

So, when I saw this picture, it made me wonder if this is where Sakai spends his days, slaving away over a bubbling stove, creating a range of gastronomic delights, each more astonishing than the last and involving a more peculiar key ingredient...

Picture: Lesley Sico on Flickr via Flights of Fancy

Although I’m not convinced that Sakai would travel all the way to New Orleans, where the photo was taken, to perfect his kitchen stadium technique. Still, it’s a thought...

I can imagine Delacroix Corp as the culinary equivalent of Acme – a sort of ubiquitous brand applied to every conceivable sort of kitchen widget.

* The proper one, not that ghastly imitation version.

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