Penguin's Patisserie Problems

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sometimes, it's better to look at those beautiful tasty things (or, better, to eat them where you find them) and not to try to take them home with you... *

Picture: Paris Breakfasts

Exlairs... Your (formerly) beautiful and appetising delicate patisseries** which are now a squashed mess stuck to the paper bag. Harrumph doesn’t even come close.

And sometimes, making it yourself just doesn't work...

Picture: Nathalie Derain on Flickr

Macarnons... The ones that just don’t just it. Flat, grainy, asymmetrical or just plain not tasty enough.

* This is a matter very close to my heart, after numerous occasions baking things for others, then realising it's not easily transportable in any container that I possess, without risking it arriving looking as though I sat on it.
** And I mean that in the sense of the items, not the entire shop. Much as it is often tempting to buy an entire shop’s worth of them (but shops don’t get squashed in paper bags... everybody knows that!).

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