About Penguins & Parentheses

{Penguins & Parentheses} is the online home of the patisserie-prone Sticky Penguin, who views baking as a welcome distraction from the real world (and dinner as an often unwelcome bother, especially if cake mixture is available). In a perfect world, a sticky penguin would snaffle, waffle and pootle all day long. And occasionally pause for breath and to procure (preferably sparkly) shoes and (preferably purple) handbags.

Sticky penguins have the organisational equivalent of eyes bigger than their stomachs (a limitation they very rarely encounter). They can be often be found in the midst of a clutter of pots, pans and assorted chaos, furtively licking a spatula and trying to cook three things at once. One of the three will very probably be brownies, and at least two of the three will be paying flagrant disregard to any recipe.

In between (and frequently at the same time as) baking experiments and attempting seven impossible things before breakfast (eight if breakfast is classified as an Impossible Thing), sticky penguins talk too much (sometimes in Capital Letters) and parenthesise profusely, often about food, and only occasionally until forgetting the original point.

This particular sticky penguin loves Paris, brownies, ballroom dancing, sleeping in, Lady Grey tea, stripy tops, Jasper Fforde books, New York City, impractical shoes and the Other Penguin (not at all in that order). Further afield, she is down the pecking order after the trifle eating cat.

Kitchen devastation in the wake of a sticky penguin
Signs that a sticky penguin has been in your kitchen...


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