Crepe Expectations

Thursday, August 19, 2010

There are some bands that, try as you might, you just can't get into. Radiohead is one of those for me - I've never understood the hype. But while nothing will convince me to like the song, this is pretty good...

Picture: One Drawing Each Day on Etsy

I’ve been wanting to try making crepes for a while now. I have very fond memories of my mum’s ham and cheese crepes (a rare but keenly anticipated treat), and would like to give them a go. They fall, however, into the category of cooking with a lot of work relative to the risk of things going pear shaped... this tends to be a deterrent.

The other thing I’d love to do if I managed some halfway successful crepes, is a crepe cake...

Technicolour Kitchen, as always, has a gorgeous version - all the character of something homemade, without even the slightest hint of rustic lopsideness! And oh, all that chocolate... But I might be tempted to try this mocha interpretation, as experience has shown Notebook:'s recipes stand up to a little rustic handling

Picture: Patricia Scarpin

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