Internalising Things

Friday, August 20, 2010

Those random, inexplicable cravings for highly specific food can strike at any time. The strength of the craving seems to have a direct relationship with the degree of difficulty to obtain the particular food. It’s inconvenient, puts you off whatever you had planned or available to eat, and generally bothersome. Why on earth does this happen?

It can happen on a full or an empty stomach. It doesn't have anything to do with pregnancy. Or vast amounts of time spent pootling around the foodblogosphere (that just makes you hungry far more broadly...). Capricious desires for awkward things to eat are something that have been around since I was a mere scrap of a penguin. There’s only one possible explanation...

It’s the tummy wombles.

Picture: Alison's Cakes

Everybody knows that tummy wombles give you the tummy rumbles.

Never mind those penguins in packing cases – the tummy wombles are the ones making all the hullabulloo...

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