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Monday, December 6, 2010

There aren't many foods (or drinks) that I just plain don't like. Plenty that I don't like the idea of, and have no intention of trying. Close to the top of a fairly short list, though, is Campari.

It's really a terrible pity. All sorts of otherwise-tasty-sounding and terribly elegant cocktails are just a risky and potentially bitterly disappointing thought (literally). And there are those lovely vintage posters that simply wouldn't be very sensible to have around the house when you don't like what they're advertising.

It's such a beautiful colour, too - which makes the taste all the more jarring. A little like green tea icecream.

Pictures: via International Poster Gallery

Are there any ways to make Campari more appetising? Well, there's this option - turning it into icing...

Picture: Serious Eats - lemon cake with campari frosting

Perhaps the sour astringency of the Campari could be perfect with the rich excesses of buttercream frosting, and make a combination far greater than the sum of its parts. Maybe it would convert me to campari and rid me of my avowed conviction that glace icing is the only option*. But I think if that doesn't work, it's a lost cause. Still, there are always bellinis...

* Except for ganache, of course!

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