Eating In Bed

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Whether and what to eat in bed can be a divided question... For some, breakfast in bed is the ultimate indolent indulgence; for others, it just equals crumbs and bother.

I think that the idea is probably preferable to the actuality although, as ever, there are exceptions. Cups of tea in bed can only ever be perfect, and snacking when treating the bed as an afternoon retreat with a pile of magazines can also be different (on the bed, rather than in it, is critical to avoidance of those crumbs).

But after finding these pictures, I think this version of eating in bed might be irresistible...

tie dyed cookies... feather icing!
Picture: "Tie Dyed" Cookies from The Hungry Housewife

Jonathan Adler pink flame bedding
Picture: Jonathan Adler "Pink Flame" bedding, via Simply Stated

For these, I think I could handle the risk of crumbs in bed! Because I do so love feather icing.

This might be turning into a semi-regular "Eat With..." post. I don't know if that's because I like my food to be well designed, or that I'm still thinking about food even when looking at other things. Perhaps a little of column A and a little of column B - or is that a little of the raspberry and a little of the pistachio...?

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