Catching Your (Sticky) Penguin

Monday, December 27, 2010

To catch your penguin, you need a very large net. A netless or unnetted penguin is prone to escape. So a penguin currently lacking the biggest net of all, an internet*, is most likely right now basking on the deck with a trifle-fed-cat (like a corn fed chicken, but much friendlier and very furry) on her lap, snoozing through the trifle-eating cat’s mum’s recipe book collection. Or potentially has decided to have at least one summer in which she realises in advance the wisdom of not trying to change her legs from their usual shade of white, and is holed up in the kitchen, finding accomplices to sample new varieties of brownies.

Consequently, the next few days will involve a few things I prepared earlier, (firstly) because I figure everybody else is probably off basking, snoozing, cooking or otherwise up to fun things and has no inclination to lurk and read blogs and (b)** because I’m still recovering from preparing scheduled posts for Every. Single. Day. of the now not-so-recent honeymoon. Nope, I can’t believe I did that either. Five and a half weeks of pre-scheduled posts. Madness. Curable only with vast amounts of baked goods.

So, here is a small distraction for your general amusement... “Polar Bear Green Tea”, so called by the Food Librarian, via whom I found it...

Trader Joe's Candy Cane Green Tea via The Food Librarian

It’s a nice mental picture when suffering basking in all that summery weather that we’re probably having***.
Thinking about catching penguins also reminded me of a post I loved reading earlier this year, from Garance Dore, about Cooking Your Garance. She writes with such a fabulous sense of character (making it terribly unfair that she’s hilarious and stylish... but she sounds so lovely that you just can’t begrudge it at all!).

* It’s only just after Christmas, what do you mean I can’t tell awful jokes?! I’m sure there were much worse than that in your Christmas crackers...
** Especially for the trifle-eating cat’s mum!
*** And I hope, for all those who bask a little more than I do, that my pre-emptiveness (pre-emption?) hasn’t jinxed that summery weather...

Back in Black on December 28, 2010 at 1:24 PM

Right, so after a small while in the land of digestion, we have returened with the following group:


Put your tastes in our hands.

Penguins love comments - please share your thoughts...

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