If One Milk Bottle Should Accidentally Fall...

Monday, December 20, 2010

On the eighth day of Christmas my penguin gave to me...
Eight milk bottles,
Seven owls (just seven?),
Six roasted chickens,
Five golden pastries,
Four wobbling jellies,
Three French badgers,
Two turtle bars,
And a pelican in a pear tree

I don’t understand the fuss about milk.

It’s an unwelcome distraction from important dairy options like ice cream, yogurt and, most importantly, cheese. All sorts of cakes, sauces, puddings, porridges and especially custards need it to exist, but that just makes it an ingredient, albeit a very useful one. And, just as I wouldn’t want to go and eat a cup of flour, I don’t want to go and drink a cup of milk. Unless you pair it with an equal amount of melted chocolate, and then I’m more than happy to consider it.

Even when small, as soon as somebody asked me if I wanted some milk, rather than it being, first, a biological necessity and, later, an assumed and unavoidable requirement, I leapt at the chance to avoid unadulterated cowiness ever after.

So it seems almost a pity to waste milk bottles on, well... milk.

There are vintage ones...

vintage milk bottles
Picture via Living Room Spot

Some of them come in little baskets...

au lait milk bottles in holder
Au Lait via Lushlee

There are ceramic ones which combine a sturdy shape with an air of delicate fragility...

Milk bottle from Alyssa Ettinger on Etsy via Tartelette and Oh, Hello, Friend

Or cheery patterned ones...

Robert Gordon milk bottles via Imprintables
Milk bottles from Robert Gordon via Imprintables

There are more sophisticated painted ones...

Angus & Celeste hand-painted ceramic bottles
Flower painted bottle vases from Angus and Celeste via The Finders Keepers

You can put interesting bits and pieces in them...

Three Potato Four milk bottles
Milk bottles from Three Potato Four's shop

There are even some trying to get away with being cartons...

ceramic milk carton from Sorbet Living
Milk "carton" by Sorbet Living via Not On The High Street

And there are lots of beautiful coloured ones...

Bison milk bottles
Bison milk bottles* via Ohara Design Group

... which, of course, come from Bison. Because so many lovely things do (you'd be positively mad to miss them!).

* Suitable for a wide range of decorative and purposeful uses... not just bison milk...

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