I’m Talking To You, Pumpkin*

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I cannot, in a lifetime of porcupines, imagine having triplets. Having more offspring than hands sounds like certain trouble. However, if I did have triplets... it occurred to me that they could be named Cameron, Robert and Bree**.

Camembert. And brie. Oh dear.

With so many sets of twins and triplets having matching or alliterative names, would it really be so bad to name my children after cheeses***? Would anybody spot it? Would they ever forgive me? Well, I like them as names by themselves, and if any child of mine could fail to love cheese, well, they’d have to be returned post haste to the cabbage patch (which might be more to their liking, if cheese isn’t their thing...).

Babybel cheese faces from Cute Food For Kids
Babybel cheeses from Cute Food For Kids via Tastespotting

There are probably pretty limited options for food-inspired names without venturing entirely the wrong side of Schapelle****. Although, it’s interesting that so many (so-called) terms of endearment are foods (pumpkin, honey, muffin, sugar...) and so few actual names. Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter might be the obvious example – although at least the food is healthy! I’m sure there must also be little girls out there named Cupcake. But going hunting for other possibilities is a source of enormous amusement.

I wonder if there is a child out there, somewhere, named Cassoulet...?

Grilled camembert from Asado Argentina
Grilled camembert picture from Asado Argentina on Flickr (with more details available from here)

* It’s just far enough past Christmas (and Thanksgiving, for Americans and / or readers of food blogs, suffering from a recent plague of pumpkins) to contemplate them in even a non-edible way...
** This is when it also occurs to me to wonder whether it is actually possible to have triplets who are aren’t all one gender.
*** Important clarification: Naming babies after cheeses is an entirely different kettle of fish to baby cheeses, a la Kath & Kim. Just in case there was any confusion...
**** I came across this reference in an article I read a while ago about a couple naming their baby, which talked about the line between originality and... for want of a better word, scariness. And can I track down where I found that article? Can I, hell!

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