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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sometimes I wonder if I just don’t pay enough attention (because who pays attention to the radio, really?). And sometimes I’m sure that however hard I concentrate, I’d still be convinced I’d heard what I thought I heard (shades of Tweety Bird here – I taut I taw a puddy tat!).

Tweety Bird cake from Fantasticakes
Tweety Bird cake from Fantasticakes on Flickr - the detail is just brilliant!

Mondegreens can occur at the slightest provocation (in this case in a taxi with a pile of Christmas shopping – perhaps all those bags blocked my ears?). A song came on the radio, and I was certain, almost positive, even, that the lyrics related to cheese sticks. And, much as I never have food very far from mind, I didn’t think that was terribly plausible. Or that I was hungry enough to be imagining it.

The joys of the interwebs led me, via the ARIA chart, to this:

Like A G6 by Far East Movement

Which leads to the other source of mondegreens – your mind inserting random possible lyrics because the actual words are stuff it hasn’t heard of. Which makes me feel pretty ancient. Or at least like I don’t run round drinking until I fall over anymore (see ‘pretty ancient’, just before)**.

Perhaps I should just have a cup of tea, a cheese stick and a nice lie down...

Cheese sticks from Mein Kleiner Kuriositatenladen
Cheese sticks from Mein Kleiner Kuriositatenladen

* Even if you don’t think it is. Even if you don’t understand how or why. Everything. And the Pioneer Woman's panko cheese sticks in particular...
** {insert ‘granny voice’} I remember back in my day, songs had some real romance to them. None of this going about getting tipsy business. We used to listen to proper music like {insert artists of choice, such as James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Madonna, etc, etc}

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