Eating In A Straight Line – The Mondrian Cake

Friday, January 14, 2011

Redecorating your entire apartment every time you make a different type of cake would be, to say the least, a little drastic.

But if you just happened to live here, it would be so very tempting to bring home some of this art-inspired cake...

Mondrian cake from San Francisco MoMA
Mondrian cake by Caitlin Williams at San Francisco MoMA, via Hovering Cat (picture from Huffington Post)

If your interior tastes ran along these lines, you might have a natural tendency to precision that would enable you to rustle one up when unexpected guests dropped round. Or you might just live close enough to MoMa that you could pop down for the sole purpose of buying cake.

Modern minimalist apartment
Photo from Apartment Therapy

A cake like this could, I’m figuring, only be assembled afterwards, unlike the multi-layered rainbow cakes which get baked in their configuration. That, or you’d need a very specialised cake pan. Penguins would do well to remember that there is a finite amount of space in an apartment kitchen...

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