First, Take A Very Big Pot

Monday, January 17, 2011

Here’s a recipe book that takes difficult-to-obtain recipes to new and exciting heights... Dinosaur Soup. Maybe it’s like making mock turtle soup, and there’s a recipe for what you can use when you can’t get a genuine dinosaur. Because I suspect not even G. Detou has a range of dinosaur steaks stashed away out the back where the really exclusive stock is kept.

Dinosaur Soup recipe book
Dinosaur Soup available from Bob's Your Uncle

It turns out Dinosaur Soup is a collection of recipes written by children – and not the prodigious cheflings of Junior Masterchef. And that sounds way more fun than considering how you’d really cook a dinosaur if you caught one. After all, if a batch of soup gets a bit boring after eating it for a couple of days, imagine how sick of brontosaurus broth you’d be by the end of the pot. Or the enormous freezer you’d need...

Strawberry Pie recipe from Dinosaur Soup
The sort of entertainment to be found in Dinosaur Soup (via Shelterrific)

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