Pimp My Cupcake

Friday, September 3, 2010

Recently discovered, for those who don’t want to lose a strong disagreement with a piping bag - icing decals....

Picture: Hello Frosting on Etsy

Yep, just like you can have flames down the side of your car, or zoos on your bedroom wall, now you too can have all the detail of icing... without having to ice things.

There is actually a whole industry out there for printing into icing. While it can give a whole new (and less messy) meaning to having your face on a cake, I’m not sure that is many rungs higher up the tree of classiness (can a tree have rungs? Mixed metaphors definitely aren’t classy...).

Although a Louis cake could be classy! When used to give extra detail to an already interesting design, icing sheets seem like a pretty cool innovation.

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