Bringing The Garden To The Table

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I love the look of this pizza – it makes me think of a summertime lawn. And, much as I adore cheese of almost every variety, I like the fresh look of this one being without cheese. Not that a little bocconini would go astray either, mind you!

Pizza: Eat Yet?

Although what I’d really love to try is actually getting the pesto into the pizza base. Could be a different thing to do for the underneath of a pizza bianca as well... Well, except it’d turn it into a pizza verde, if you wanted to start getting all accurate. And one of the best things about a pizza is that accuracy is really, at best, an optional extra.

It might need to be added to an ever-expanding list of things to cook (especially now I’ve finally braved making my own pizza dough... more on that later, though!)

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