Freeze! And Step Away From The Cupcake!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baking is all too frequently an excuse to eat cake batter. Or biscuit batter, brownie batter, icing, butter cream or pretty much any other uncooked precursor to a baked item that I can get my gobbling paws on. Once it goes in the oven, it’s (usually – well, almost usually) much easier to be a little more sensible and a little less... gluttonous.

So imagine my dismay on making one of those so-obvious-it-hurts-but-also-so-obvious-you’d-just-never-think-of-it discoveries while pottering through The Kitchn. Cake batter can be frozen. Gadzooks indeed!

Picture: Ceramic Canvas and the recipe that the cake batter belongs to looks so good...

This opens all sorts of useful possibilities for preparing in advance, and averting panic when baked items might be necessary, desirable, or entirely unrequired but nice to provide. And oh, how I wish I might’ve discovered this possibility oh, say, a couple of weeks ago, when I insisted on skittering around like a ferret on casters making brownies the day before I was married*.

Picture: The Recipe Girl

Not only can it be frozen, but it doesn’t even have to be frozen in nice neat pans. It can be frozen in a zip-lock bag, and squeezed into the tiny cluttered coldness that is my freezer. Woo hoo!

Picture: Spearmint Baby - it was a good excuse for a photo of purple cake batter – I just couldn’t resist!

* Yes, it was fun. Yes, it took my mind off bigger and infinitely more important things. And yes, when I fell in a tuckered out heap the subsequent week, I realised all those unnecessary bits added up to quite a bit of energy (and would’ve justified far more brownie batter, perhaps, so it might have been just as well that I didn’t think of it...)

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