Pick A Peck Of Pickled Penguins

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tonight, there is partying. Large partying. The sort of party that requires a penguin to have a cup of tea vast quantity of Diet Coke and a preparatory lie down. Not necessarily in that order. And perhaps a small morsel of something to eat. To avert anything like this resulting...

Picture*: Crafty Dogma on Flickr

And, like many of the best parties, this one will involve a good quantity of the usual suspects. And, most likely, some fairly unusual ones as well...

Picture: Crafty Dogma on Flickr

Penguins often find that kicking up their heels results in tripping themselves up (it's those short legs, you know). But that isn't going to stop them trying. Even in the highest of high heels.

* A recent discovery and, you've been warned, there are many more that are likely to feature on here in due course. Most likely under excuses as thinly veiled as today's... It's (almost) as addictive as the Fox and the Polar Bear. Almost!

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