Beats A Big Pineapple

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Normally, Big Things don’t really impress me. Maybe that’s a result of growing up in a country where there’s a Big Thing on (almost) every corner (sheep, pineapple, prawn, banana... you name it, there’s a big version of it*). Especially big food. I mean, we all see those stories (on slow news days and breakfast TV) about the kilometre-long hot dog or the 25 tonne apple pie or the gyoza the size of a carthorse (can you tell I’m making these up?!).

But this was different. The Size. The Scale. The Sheer Enormity...

Picture: Food Snob via Paris By Mouth

This made me understand that big truly can be beautiful, and that sometimes a skinny model slice just doesn’t cut it**. But my heart races imagining carrying that masterpiece out to a table (and even before that, jumps about at the thought of how hard it would be to keep such large sheets of perfect crunchy crispiness intact). And then I think of poking a finger into all that wonderfully glumptious crème patissiere, and I feel calm again.

* Why are the easiest ones to think of the food-related ones? There are so many others... guitars, gumboots, rocking horses (but the best ones are things to eat!).
** It also makes me think that in France, Big Things are kept for where size really counts...

Carolyn Jung on September 8, 2010 at 4:09 PM

See, size DOES matter. Well, at least when it comes to desserts. ;)

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