Yo Heave Ho, To The Bottle I Go

Saturday, November 13, 2010

However much sherry is put in a trifle, there are always some people who claim that even more would make it even better. Short of funnelling custard, fruit and savaroiardi into a sherry bottle, I question whether it might even be possible.

Given the trifle-eating cat’s trifle-eating tendencies, it can probably only be a good thing if there isn’t more sherry added to the trifle (the idea of stopping the trifle-eating cat from living up to his name is, perhaps, a fraught and unlikely proposition!). Although perhaps I should be relieved that trifle is the worst of his (numerous, if he could get them) excesses, and that he doesn’t go for anything stronger...

Picture: via terr-bo on Flickr

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