In Case Of Emergency, Huddle Behind Walrus

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I’m not sure if, in the midst of panicking, I would think to go and look for a card appropriate for the occasion. I’m also not sure if I’d like to presume the inevitability of panicking by acquiring a card in advance. But the fact that there are sensible reasons doesn’t stop me from thinking this is a very entertaining card...

Picture: Slow Industries on Etsy 

The Stoat Appreciation Society was recently ruminating on the importance of, at certain times, having an emergency kit, and what exactly it should contain. Of course, it’s not only what’s in it, but how you get at it, that can be crucial. A big red button is out of the question, if only because of the temptation to press it when you’re not supposed to, without waiting for an emergency. Breaking the glass might be painful for the emergencee. Breaking the seal might be entirely unfair to the poor innocent seal, who was nothing to do with it all in the first place. What about something more resilient than a seal? A walrus, for instance...?

In case of emergency, huddle behind walrus. Of course, to fit in the emergency kit, the walrus might have to be vacuum packed, and reconstituted for later use. But that still doesn’t solve the problem of how to get into the emergency kit...

This could be the perfect solution. It's not just a wooden hand-carved walrus (although how much more can you need?) - it has a storage compartment, perfect for... whatever you might need in an emergency*.

Picture: Areaware via A Cup Of Jo - and they also do a llama version which is just gorgeous (notwithstanding that most animals look a little more picturesque when put next to a walrus)

This post was brought to you with the able distractions of the Stoat Appreciation Society.
* As long as it's small!

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