How The Fairy Penguins Got Their Name

Monday, November 15, 2010

Do you remember in fairy tales how there were the fairies that came at the birth of a baby (usually a princess... for some reason, princes rarely attracted fairies) and bestowed virtues and graces on the new arrival? And then Malevola would turn up, uninvited, and start handing round the curses to accompany the canap├ęs...

Well here’s something that never quite made it into the traditional version of Sleeping Beauty and all those others...

penguin fairy godmothers
Picture: "Fairies, Penguins and a Baby" by Rosa C. Petherick from Cafe Press

All those fairy godmothers that brought gifts to the baby... penguins, all along. And that’s why there are fairy penguins. They don’t just live at Phillip Island; that’s just their retreat for when the christening season ends.

Perhaps adopting a penguin for a new arrival would be a way to give them a little more unusual godmother, and bring them luck. Or perhaps it’s just a good excuse to adopt a penguin of your very own!

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