Chance Of Light Kittens

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Forecats... the perspicacious ability of felines to anticipate when it’s going to rain, when to get out of a sticky situation, and who doesn’t like them*.

In a cat's eye, all things belong to cats
Picture: Tag Team Tomkins on Etsy

I just love this illustration by Tag Team Tomkins... they have all sorts of interesting quotes and things, which run more to irreverent than to cute – always a good thing. I like the idea of having a row of them framed above the bookcases in our spare bedroom. To make it feel a little less like a cross between a library and a walk-in wardrobe...

Pictures: all from Tag Team Tomkins on Etsy

They're a little bit of a cautionary tale, and a little bit of an incitement to mischief - perfect!

* Which, if you’re a cat, requires paying vast amounts of attention to these people, in an effort to convert them. Cats, it appears, don’t cut their losses...

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