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Sunday, May 2, 2010

It might have been the thoughts about feather icing. Or the foxes. Or it might just have been the usual penchant for anything tasty, pretty or difficult to obtain – so imagine the appeal of all three combined...

Fox’s party rings. Tasty. Pretty. And, at least in my neck of the woods, not exactly growing on trees. I remember these from when they first came out; the pink, yellow and purple ones were devoured in considerable preference to the orange ones. (A bit like the way with fondant fancies, there are always the brown ones left... That probably applies to m&ms for a lot of people, too).

In the absence of a party ring, it might just be necessary to make do with honey jumbles. Or, heaven forbid, Stop Thinking About Food.

Picture: Hey Bubbles on Flickr

(Although these ones look like they would trample all over the packet sort... think a recipe hunt is on the cards... And a bit more baking – there are so many things to put off doing that there must be some baking about due by now!).

* I have really got to stop using dad-joke-like references as post titles. Soon. Really. But once you get to foxes (or is that Fox's?), there is just too much potential for going downhill fast (now there's a thought - foxes on a sledge...). But there are foxtrots, and foxes in boxes, and so many other ridiculously silly sorts of images and bad puns (and yes, there are good puns. There have to be. Somewhere.)

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