Little Boxes

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I know it’s not the first Monet-inspired item of clothing that’s caught my eye, but I do like this t-shirt...

Picture: Alice X. Zhang on Threadless

The block pattern design looks a little like polaroids, and also reminds me of a picture my mum and dad have, which is split into quadrants, with a different one for each season.

Normally I’m not all that keen on seeing artists’ designs reproduced all over the place – it tends to feel a little museum-gift-shop-ish, but perhaps both a benefit and a pitfall of impressionism is its capacity to be used to inspire designs, rather than just being replicated.

The mix of colours means it would go with lots of different clothes and accessories. I think I would wear it with jeans, and a scarf and ballet flats that pick up a couple of the colours in the pictures. Maybe something like this...

Picture: shoes and scarf both from Sambag

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