If You Can't Look Good, Be Tasty

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Picture: Sifu Renka on Flickr

I reached a small, if insignificant, conclusion yesterday. The only thing that looks good in yellow is custard.

Well, this might not be strictly true. On reflection, other things do suit yellow and, indeed, might look quite peculiar in other colours. Daffodils. Lemons. Canaries. There must certainly be others, albeit they might be few and far between.

As a general rule of thumb, things that suit yellow seem to be things that naturally occur in that awkward shade.

Picture: Then When via PRZ Services

Where this is leading to is that I am not naturally yellow. And so do not suit it whatsoever. But it does attract attention* and, from time to time, it is a necessary evil.

* Of course it does - hardly anybody wears it (especially voluntarily).

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