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Monday, May 10, 2010

Pictures: Leona Edmiston - here and here

So, I have a bit of a thing about Leona Edmiston's frocks*. And, maybe, a bit of a collection as well. They always seem to be the answer to those "Gah! Feel like a hedgehog and don't know what to wear" days. And lots of other, better, days as well.

The two above are from the current diffusion collection, and are currently calling my name. Both of them. Not sure which one is preferable, though (and while buying things in every colour has its reasons, buying two minutely different dresses in the same print will lead to one that gets lived in, and one that is just not quite as good as the other one. And a bigger hole in the bank balance).

While I'm quite used to various items of clothing calling (occasionally whispering, every so often positively shrieking) my name, I'm a little less accustomed to two pieces competing with one another for my affections**. It makes me think of those cartoons where there is an angel on one of the character's shoulders, and a devil on the other one. Except with dresses. Perhaps I should prepare for the inevitable, and start going round with a wardrobe on each shoulder. Heavy and inconvenient, certainly, but it would do wonders for posture...

Update: Of course, occasionally waiting for a vaguely reasonable justification before buying new frocks leads to shopping karma. Otherwise known as, if-it-was-meant-to-be-it-would-still-be-available. Harrumph.

* Leona always has frocks, rather than dresses. Not sure why, but it's one of those Unquestioned Things.
** There are, of course, two pretty simple solutions to this dilemma - willpower, or a changing room. Usually it takes the form of the former, followed eventually by the latter...

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