Four Letter Words

Saturday, May 22, 2010

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There are many four letter words that can come in handy at opportune moments. One such time, in particular, is in response to my dad's customary response when hearing a loud crash from another room. "DROPPED IT!"... When you're frantically trying to retrieve whatever it was that you dropped, this is categorically not the thing you want to hear. Depending on what was dropped, it can either be laughed at (as intended), or can prompt an outburst of expletives, muttered or otherwise.

The other thing that frequently prompts enthusiastic cursing is my oven. Capricious doesn't begin to cover it... oh, no - this oven is always difficult. It slopes, so things come out with a list to starboard. It cooks unevenly, no matter how many times things are turned. It has prompted that conclusion that it doesn't matter how beautiful some of their products can be (and I really do have a thing about some of their fridges), Smeg is a four letter word with good reason.

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Grim satisfaction can be gleaned from thinking of what Smeg ought to stand for...
Systematic Mangling of Edible Goods?
Stifled Muttering at Errant Grill?

Maris on May 25, 2010 at 5:57 AM

I found your blog via Pioneer Woman and love this old-fashioned icebox/fridge.

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