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Friday, May 7, 2010

Picture: Seesaw

There are some things that it doesn’t seem worth it to make. Bread. Clothes. The bed, on days when running out the door in a hurry. But, you know, labour-intensive fidgeting things that other people do better, cheaper or far more conveniently (and if it’s all of the above, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that it will avoid being done myself!).

One thing that probably should fall into this category is fudge. It requires fidgeting. With very hot sugar. And a sugar thermometer. Which I do not have, hence requiring being organised, getting one, or guessing and hissing when it doesn’t work without one. And, perhaps most significantly (seeing as a challenge or unreasonable expectations tend not to be a deterrent), somebody else already makes one so good that I’m not sure it’s sensible to try, given anything else is likely to be a pale (and sticky) imitation.

But I keep coming across delicious-sounding recipes for homemade sweets and things. And I have fond memories of making highly temperamental toffees and fudges with my dad when I was young (and sometimes the difference between the toffees and fudges was a bit of a technicality). And then I came across this the other day. A recipe for fudge without a sugar thermometer. And it looked so pretty too (although not like fudge. More like something that could be bounced across the lazy susan at yum cha...).

Picture: Natalie Jost

I am wondering if it works with light condensed milk? Or if that goes in the same (disappointing, non-tasty) bag as any sort of sugar-free or dairy-free chocolate...

The options for condensed milk in baking are multiplying, too, after finding this one...

Picture: Tracey's Culinary Adventures

Perhaps both in quick succession, to use up the leftover condensed milk? This, too, might be a distinct childhood flashback to the occasional huge indulgence of being allowed (at about six or so) to have a spoonful of condensed milk as a treat. Think it might be the only sort of milk I willingly consume without having to disguise it first (the best disguise of milk, I find, is in cheese or ice cream...).

Alternatively, I could just... leave it to somebody else...

Picture: Grab Your Fork

And then, there was this - I just thought it was great... love vintage graphics....

Picture: Seesaw again

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