Where You Least Expect It

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Never mind the sublime and the ridiculous – give me the mundane and the incongruous! I love the combination of real life and... not quite real life, whether that’s in books (Jasper Fforde does it brilliantly, and Alice Hoffman, Sarah Addison Allen and Tom Holt can also be good fun. Douglas Adams, though, may be, if not the absolute original, then certainly a master indeed), in fashion (jeans and black tops with any number of faintly outlandish accessories, tails, pyjamas that think they’re streetwear) and certainly in random little thoughts (a bit like a this and that for the mind, as it were).

It must be that combination of the expected, but in an entirely unexpected way, that makes this picture appeal to me

Picture: Jordan Matter, from the Dancers Among Us collection (via Penny's Day Book)

Something about the photo also strikes me as very French, so it seemed an appropriate thing to share this week (sensing a theme?). I realise there have been quite a few leaping things jumping out at me lately (and I honestly wrote that before I read it back and had a Clang! Bad inadvertent pun! moment) – I’m sure the armchair psychologists would have plenty to say about that!

And then I came across this quote (by John Burrows) about leaping, and it seemed so appropriate...

“Leap and the net will appear”

You don’t always feel ready – but that’s partly the point to leaping...

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