Dressing Up For Halloween

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween isn't something that gets much attention in Sydney... but in New York, well, it can be easy to start wondering about what you might get dressed up as. Especially if it was as cute as this...

Picture: My Touch of Aloha on Etsy

This, while much less practical, still has a lovely sense of whimsy, and also reduces the risk of small children being mistaken for food...

Picture: Anton Perry via Post Punk Kitchen

But this, while stunning (both in appearance, and that anybody would try to do this and have it turn out to actually look good - in a quirky-designy sort of way - and tasty), would be far too sticky. And if you arrive wearing actual treats, that might hurt your chances!

Picture: Lukka Sigurdardottir via Gather and Nest

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