Beating The Fun Police

Friday, October 29, 2010

There are so many enjoyable and seemingly innocuous things that people want to stop you doing. Sitting on the grass. Bringing (proper) trumpets to sporting events*. Throwing confetti (yes, somebody has to clear it up, but it’s not like you’re doing something truly awful).

This might be a way to make up for the demise of confetti...

Picture: Restaurant Eve via Dessert Girl 

Girly frivolity so often looks just a bit too overdone to me, and veers into the territory of wearing a (fake) tiara (wearing a real tiara could never be dismissed as girly or frivolous). But this just seems fun and perky and a good excuse to go being a bit retro and cracking open the hundreds and thousands.

Ever since MasterChef put hundreds and thousands into a mystery box just to be difficult and hope that (to paraphrase) nobody would be as tasteless as to actually use them, I’ve been wanting to find a recipe, or think of a new way, to use them in something fabulous. This doesn’t quite get there, but it’s still kind of cool!

* And then permitting those awful vuvuzelas...

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