C’est Quoi???

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cupcakes are resoundingly not French. They might be starting to colonise Paris (and, heaven forbid, further afield), but they are not French.

But these ones almost look like they’re wearing little berets...

Picture: Montreal Confections via The Cupcake Blog

They look a little like a cupcake version of a religieuse. Well, if you tip your head to one side and look hopefully at them (a look I find comes naturally when considering baked items...).

And something about them seems a tiny bit French, even while (especially with that mountain of buttercream) they’re so resoundingly American. And perhaps it’s the colour combination, but it reminds me, just a smidge, of the perverse fun of putting two opposing things together every once in a while!

Picture: Sharon Montrose

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