Roast Dinner For One

Monday, October 25, 2010

Inconguroast* – things that you just don’t quite expect to see turn up in a “baked dinner”.

Picture: Pot roast quail with a creamy chanterelle sauce from My Glorious Food

Pot roast quail? First, get a really small pot...

It makes me think of the condiment thimbles at the Donna Hay General Store. I do wonder what those are for (other than looking neat, if that’s not a good enough reason by itself). They look like they should contain some sort of paté or potted meat sort of thing, but paté requires much more generous servings. Perhaps they could be to steam petit four sized Christmas puddings? Or for coddled quail eggs (keeping with the theme of the day)?

Any ideas about their actual purpose would be greatly appreciated!

* Strictly speaking, there probably shouldn’t be a ‘u’ in the middle. But it seems to help in the pronunciation and getting the intention across... and one of they joys of making up words is being able to break the rules!

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