Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I loved the tiered bundt cake a while back, and now there’s another tasty-meets-formal-but-firmly-on-the-tasty-side cake that I’ve just encountered. Unfortunately the encounter was from the other side of a computer screen, as this just looks like the sort of cake you want to hover over with a spoon and a gleeful expression while hoping nobody saw your furtive snaffling...

Pictures: Photos by Lisa Devlin, cake by Needlemakers, found via Ruffled

A tiered victoria sponge. Such a wonderfully simple idea (says she, who would doubtless be a hissing fury were she to attempt such a thing in the company of the evil Smeg). So much more effective than a big white cake. There are always so many big white cakes that, however ornate and amazing, bring to mind rendering and ceiling roses – it’s lovely to see a cake look so refreshingly... cake-like!

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