Oh, What A Complex Web We Weave

Thursday, October 7, 2010

One of the things in common between numerous dubious sitcoms and real life is a tendency to analyse the relationships between... well, relationships. The pitfalls, pratfalls and protocols of dating your friends, your friends’ families, your family’s friends, and a whole range of permutations and combinations that make six degrees of separation look positively poles apart.

Occasionally, somebody tries to get a diagram together showing all the interconnected madness... and usually abandons it, semi-appalled, to drink cocktails and recover.

Perhaps, if a diagram is needed, this might be a far more useful one...

Picture: The Morning News via Checks and Spots

It's just a thought... don’t all come after a newly married penguin with pitchforks! (It's all about being a safe distance away... just like the dating, come to think of it...).

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