Macaron Mania

Friday, May 20, 2011

I still have never braved the ferocious challenges of macaron making (although there has been plenty of sampling to make sure I know what the finished product should resemble!). A couple of days ago, the Evil Smeg was finally attended to and received a new thermostat. While warned that it still runs 10-15°C hot, that's an enormous improvement on its previous pick-a-number-and-double-it dysfunction. So, perhaps macarons are gradually creeping a little closer.

Could a fabulous necklace be the way to distract myself from thinking of those tricky little confections a while longer?

Seafoam bauble necklace from Oliphant

Or is it really just a variation on a theme...?

Macaron photo by sfgirlbybay via the Paris Hotel Boutique Journal

And, once again, it all comes back to food...

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