Chasing Your Tail

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There are some days where it feels like you’re running to catch up to yourself all day. Whether you’ve started out behind and are working furiously to climb the to-do list equivalent of K2, or you just can't get into the swing on things from the get-go, there are just not. enough. hours. to. get. it. all. done. Eep!

Sometimes, it feels like if you could only run fast enough, you’d eventually catch your cruisier, lazier self a lap behind (or on the couch with a plate of cookies), give them a shake and get them to run with you so you could get more done*. Or perhaps you’d just flake out beside them on the couch and accompish the ever-admirable goal of eating twice as many cookies!

Moomin blanket by Ekelund from Scandinavian Design Center

Aside from being my favouite shade of periwinkle blue**, this blanket has a Moomin. A Moomin! Or possibly two, depending on how you look at it. It might be entirely too cute and obvious with just one, centrally placed Moomin – but with a wrap-around pattern it becomes so much more striking.

It would be a cosy addition to the couch, too. Perhaps along with these cookies...

Moomin cookies from Lindsey Bakes as featured on Kitka Design

Why did the Moomin cross the road? To escape a gluttonous penguin trying to turn him into a cookie!

* This is also a more drastic way to check your back view compared to the pedestrian utility of a full-length mirror.
** Maybe my equal favourite with seafoam green (although not not necessarily together). But, as a total inability to confine my blog design to an subtle and minimal palette, and a repeated admiration for rainbow-hued baking will attest, this might rapidly turn into a much longer list.

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