Like Strawberries And Cream

Monday, May 16, 2011

Some things are just made for each other. And, along with the usual suspects - strawberries and cream, chocolate and penguins, fish fingers and custard - there are other pairings that might be less obvious, but that are equally indisputable once you see them.

When I first saw this delicate porcelain bowl adorned with a flurry of flowers, I imagined it upside down, as an alternative to a glass dome on a cake pedestal. It couldn't help but make you wonder about the possible astonishments concealed beneath - or it could be a handy way to dress up a rather more rustic offering!

Porcelain flower bowl by Emma Clegg
Flower petal bowl by Emma Clegg from Miratis

And then I found its sugary soulmate...

Domed two-tier cake with icing roses
Domed rose two-tier cake by I Am Baker

I'm not even sure where to begin with that cake. Despite all my previous protestations about the starchy formality of white cakes and the tooth-numbing richness of buckets of buttercream, I simply adore this cake. It's unusual but doesn't shout at you. It's classic but oozes originality. It's elegant but just invites you to indulge. It has a beautiful home-made charm but leaves you in no doubt that its perfect imperfection took some very serious work. If this cake was a person, I'd love to meet her...

It surely can't be sensible to start imagining what sort of person a cake would be. Have you ever wondered about your cake equivalent?

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