Dropping A Bombshell. Or Maybe An Eggshell.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wearing black and white might be the only thing waiters have in common with penguins…

“OK, fellas, this isn't looking good. Bob, what were you thinking letting go?!”
“But Sam, it's kinda hard to carry a cake when you've got wings”
“I know, I know, but you didn't see me drop the platter, now, did you?”

Penguin print by Avalisa, available (among other places) from All Posters, ice cream cake from One Charming Party, and conversation between penguins imagined by their sticky, baking relative. Sometimes I know just how they feel, too – things have a habit of ending up upside down when you least expect it (and least can afford it). Perhaps all available coordination gets used up on ballroom dancing. Or perhaps baking half a dozen things at once at the witching hour is asking for trouble...

As long as you can be clumsy without an audience, it’s not so bad. And if the results turned out as well as this cake, well, I’d be dropping things left, right and centre – but possibly from shock!

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