Mars And Venus Buying Paint

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

There's been a bit of a polka-dot fixation going on around here since the recent re-design (and there was certainly a latent fondness for them long before). And, after a visit to the paint shop with the Other Penguin on the weekend, in which I discovered and then attempted to narrow down the impossible number of textures, finishes and shades of pale neutrality which could be applied in painting a plain wooden table, this diagram struck a bit of a chord...

How men and women see colours
Picture via Geek In Heels

That said, and at risk of stepping into much more controversial territory than types of icing and permutations of brownies*, I think there are far fewer differences between men and women than lots of people (with a special shout out to columnists and writers of self-help books) might (like to) think.

But whether you see colours differently when wearing cowboy boots might be worth pondering...

* And all those caveats before stepping in where wiser mortals might fear to tread are most uncharacteristically wary. Clearly some practice at charging headlong into polarising and insufficiently informed opinions like a bull in a china shop is called for!

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