Stamp of Disapproval

Sunday, April 10, 2011

If all those stamps yesterday just made you want to stamp your foot, here’s something for the grumpy, the snarky, and those who think that the only queen they want anything to do with went downhill after the demise of Freddy Mercury or wears towering platform heels, a bouffant wig and a feather boa*.

I'm Not Convinced stamp of disapproval
Stamps of Disapproval by Heather K Phillips
Stamps by Heather K Phillips from Schooled

These tell-it-how-it-really-is stamps gave me such a chortle when I first came across them on Paper Pastries. Although I can certainly think of times they’d come in handy...

Though, in defence of queens I do like @Queen_UK on Twitter. Ascerbic asides, bad puns and a slosh of gin – perfect. For some reason, I imagine her as being far more glamorous than her real-life counterpart (not at all difficult, I realise, when you’re competing with sugared-almond pastels and hats that look more like cake boxes. She’s more of a Mrs Lilien version of a queen...

Mrs Leo by Mrs Lilien
Mrs Leo by Mrs Lilien

Perhaps those stamps could do with a we are not amused version. All this monarchy malarkey could be enough to drive you to gin!

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