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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

There are people who like taking photos. There are people who like cooking. There are people who like taking photos of cooking. And there are lots of people who enjoy the results of cooking (when it goes mostly according to plan, at least). There are also some people who don't just enjoy cooking, photographing and eating, but also the editing, cropping and, worst of all, narrowing down of fifty very similar shots of a plate of whatever-it-was-you-just-made. Or, if they don't enjoy it, they at least have fortitude and avoid procrastination. I am resoundingly not one of those people.

Poster by Ben Barry for Facebook (a maxim that website appears to live by to great effect / frustration, depending on which side of the fence you happen to be); quote by Scott Allen

I have photos of all sorts of baking experiments that I'm bubbling over to share with you, and sit down all keen to write a post. And then I look at the photos. And then at my Google reader. And then tweet a bit (procrastination is infinitely improved by both Artwiculate, and by adding custard to poetry. Or adding custard to almost anything, really...). And then I go and make a cup of tea. You can see where this is going... even if you can't yet see the photos.

So, while I continue to harrumph at pictures of plates of biscuits and slices of cake, my general (if occasionally lessening) ineptitude with a camera and the vagaries of Tastespotting, Foodgawker and the like, here's a little distraction in the form of an intriguing piece of kitchen gadgetry. When I saw it, I wondered why anybody would cross a muffin pan with a foosball table...

Debbie Meyer Cupcake Genius; photo from Cupcakes Take The Cake

It turns out that the rack is put on top of the muffin pan after the pans have been filled with batter, to create  little indentations in the cakes as they bake. So then, the cakes are ready to be filled with lemon curd or buttercream or jam or ganache or whatever intriguing substance you feel inclined to stuff into a cupcake. Assuming you didn't prefer to bake it straight into the cake in the first place!

Now, as the owner of a cupcake corer, I know I have fewer legs to stand on than a heron on a unicycle when it comes to highly specific and relatively-infrequently-used baking accoutrements, but this seems to be making something pretty straightforward just a bit more involved than it might need to be.

What do you think of the cupcake genius, and where do you draw the line with peculiar kitchen gadgets?

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