Having Your Cake And Drinking It Too

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In Italy, the hot chocolate can be so thick that a spoon just about stands upright by itself*. So when I first came across this hot chocolate, I had to look twice to decide whether you eat it or drink it...

Hot chocolate cake
Hot chocolate cake via Girly Bubble

Its simplicity seems to make it all the more convincing. Although I'm not necessarily a fan of a hulking great mouthful of fondant (unless it's home made, in which case a penguin in a china shop could be something to be reckoned with...).

For those who prefer their crockery to be a little more permanent, but still in close proximity to a hot chocolate (or just a steaming mug of something less sticky and more caffeinated), this could be an option...

Dunk Mug by Dominic Skinner
Dunk Mug by Dominic Skinner, available from Mocha (via Fashionotes)

It even comes in a left handed version (so as to not drop the biscuits promptly into your lap!) and (would you believe it) polka dots (they're everywhere...).

How do you like to combine your drinks and snacks? Do you have a favourite sort of hot chocolate?

* Meaning that almost all hot chocolates that come after are too watery, too milky, too much like drinking the washing-up water or just not Italian. Better to have loved and lost...

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